The 7 Best Things To Come From The Cubs’ World Series Win

November 9, 2016 by (Edit)

Holy Cow!!! We did it! That is, after over 100 years of trying and failing, the Cubs managed to land the World Series title and we, they’re loyal fans, were able to witness it together. I tell you, never before had I wanted so badly to be in Wrigley Field for a game! Fortunately, I had my dad and the rest of our Chicago transplant family to keep me company all the way down in Florida.

The last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908. The last time the Cubs appeared in the World Series was 1945. It’s been over 108 years since we won and over 71 years since we’ve made an appearance. Not only did we take the Series, but we did so with the best regular-season record in the MLB. Wow.

But the magic of November 2, so greatly exceeds just that night. It spreads into a number of moments that have happened and will keep on happening until the Cubs get their next World Series title. Looking back on that fateful night, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite moments.


Bill Murray

For whatever reason, there’s no other figure that looms quite as large in the Chicago spotlight as Bill Murray. He’s our funny guy, our comedian, but he’s also our guide, our mentor, our guru, our patron saint. Getting to watch Bill Murray’s reaction to the Cubs game was almost as good as getting to watch the Cubs win in and of itself.

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Journalists Believe in the Chicago Cubs and You Should Too

You know your team is doing pretty well when the press keeps talking about how they’re going to take the World Series. Such is the case with the Cubs. But these aren’t just empty sweet nothings. The club has had an awe-inspiring season, which is totally deserving of praise.

Below are some of the glowing headlines that I’ve encountered over the past season, all of which express a belief in something great ahead for the Cubs. (I won’t say what.)

Cubs’ incredible Game 4 comeback gets even better with age

“…the Cubs did something in Game 4 of the National League Division Series, in that moment, that it has taken us a while to process. But now we know exactly what we saw.”

10/13/16 |

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An Ode to Kerry Wood

If you were to catch a Cubs Game at Wrigley Field sometime in 1998 or sometime between 2000 and 2008 or sometime between 2010 and 2012, chances are that you had the opportunity to catch the amazing Kerry Wood doing what Kerry Wood doing what he does best: pitching. Nicknamed Kid K (a play on his first name and the letter used to statistically denote a strikeout), Kerry Wood was a force to be reckoned with. His renown as an adept pitcher would often cause crowds of fans to launch into boisterous chants of “Kerry, Kerry, Kerry”. In some games, you could even see fans expectantly counting Kerry’s strikeouts with big “K” cards…

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A Brief History of the Cubs and the World Series

The Cubs are currently enjoying one of their best seasons since, since forever! That is, since 1945. It’s been 108 years since the Cubs last won a World Series. The only other team with a comparable Series slump would be the Cincinnati Reds, but even they’re slump clocks in at a staggering 22 years less than the Cub at 86 years.

By 22 years more than any other team in the MLB, the Cubs reign as the kings of the slump. By 22 years more than any other team in the MLB, the Cubs are ready for a victory.


President at the Time: Ulysses S. Grant

Poster advertising the 1876 Chicago Cubs

One hundred and forty years ago, Baseball was a very different game. The teams making up the at-the-time nascent national pastime had foreign names like the Hartford Dark Blues, the New York Mutuals, and the St. Louis Brown Stockings. At the time, the Cubs were known as the Chicago White Stockings. Needless to say, colors and stockings were all the rage at the time…


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An Ode to Sammy Sosa

n 1998, Chicagoans from all walks of life had their eyes on one sports figure. “Slammin” Sammy Sosa was a baseball player of epic proportions. When Sammy Sosa first signed on with the Cubs through a trade with the Sox back in 1992, there wasn’t too much fanfare about him joining the roster. By the end of the 1993 season, people knew Sosa as a force to be reckoned with. By 1997 he had earned a reputation as a home run hitter. In 1998 he had a famous home run derby with St. Louis’ Mark McGwire and stoked the flames of  one of Chicago’s greatest sports rivalries…

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Golf Works to Create More Opportunities for Junior Female Golfers

The golfing world continues to progress, this time making major changes in the world of women’s golf. Young female golfers are receiving an opportunity of a lifetime, as more of them are now eligible to compete for a spot in the LPGA’s first major, the ANA Inspiration. The tournament, which will be known as the “ANA Junior Inspiration Tournament”, will feature young female golfing talents from selected major American cities.

Traditionally, only local junior golfers from the Southern California area were allowed to compete for a spot in the ANA Inspiration tournament. Now however with this expansion, more junior golfers will receive the opportunity to compete for a shot at the Title. The original event also gave young golfers the opportunity to golf with some of the game’s most important legends and personalities in an inspirational round of golf on the eve of the championship. The “inspirational journey”, as the LPGA article describes it, becomes a sort of spiritual journey for young female golfers to achieve their championship dreams and aspirations. ANA, the sponsors of the event, are adamant about providing all young female golfers with this dream. “When ANA first decided to partner the LPGA as title sponsor of the ANA Inspiration and become the Official Airline of the LPGA, it was opportunities like this that really stood out – The ANA Junior Inspiration is completely unprecedented in the game of golf. Nowhere else can high-school students share precious moments with their idols and be mentored by both LPGA hall of fame legends and past champions of tournaments while trying to win the chance to tee off in the opening round with the greatest players on the planet,” said Mr. Hideki Kunugi, Senior Vice President of the ANA Americas.

As said before, the tournament will no longer be exclusive to just players from Southern California, but now also open to players from cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Vancouver, Chicago, Houston, New York, and Honolulu. The tournament in the past has seen the likes of great players receive wonderful opportunities to compete for elite positions. Allison Lee for example, ranked 21 in the world, also saw her professional beginnings bloom in the older version of the tournament. She remarks the outstanding opportunity the tournament granted her, and how it was able to propel her golfing career into new heights.

Available spots will be determined by a selection committee composed of the ANA Inspiration committee along with representatives from golf associations like the SCGA. The tournament will feature a star-studded selection of female golfers who are all competing to take a dip in the legendary Poppie’s Pond in victorious celebration. The tournament will be played between March 31- April 3, 2016.

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The Top 4 Tim Tebow Sport Moments

Tim Tebow is an American football quarterback, who is one of college football’s most iconic players. During his collegiate career at the University of Florida, Tebow, was known as the “sparkplug” for the Gators offense because of his leadership on and off the field. He was difficult to defend because of his “dual threat” ability to either pass or run the football. In 2010, Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos as the 25th pick in the NFL draft. After playing two seasons in Denver, he would be playing for the New York Jets and have a brief stint with New England Patriots, and Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles decided to release Tebow after their final preseason game last year. Currently, he is working for the SEC sports network as a TV analyst, with the hope of getting another chance in the NFL. We look back at some of the top sports moments of Tim Tebow’s career.

Win the Heisman Trophy
Tebow had a much smaller role in the Gators offense during his freshman year. Many people were skeptical about Tebow’s passing ability and felt it was the only thing he could do well was run the ball. Well, let’s just say they were all wrong. After being named the starting quarterback in his sophomore year, he would go on to have an unbelievable season. He threw for 3,286 yards, 32 touchdowns and be a force on the ground, rushing for 895 yards and 23 touchdowns. After having so much success in his sophomore year, he would win the Heisman Trophy, which is given to the most outstanding college football player of the year.

The Speech
After having a successful sophomore season, Tebow’s goal was to help lead the Gators to a National Championship in 2008, but it did not come easy. In the beginning of the season, the Gators would be upset by an unranked Ole Miss team. This truly put a damper in their title hopes as many believed the Gators would not be able to recover from their catastrophic loss. However, during the post game interviews, Tim Tebow gave the Gator Nation a legendary and inspiring speech that will always be remembered. After this game, the Gators would bounce back and run the table winning their last 10 games in dominating fashion, which included a second National Championship in 3 years. Below you can find the speech in its entirety.

Wins 2nd National Championship against Oklahoma
Tebow and the Gators took on an extremely talented Oklahoma team in the 2009 BCS Championship. Florida struggled in the first half as Tebow through a career high 2 interceptions. However, the Gators would not be denied a shot at a National Championship. After a another motivating speech by Tebow at halftime, he and the Gators came out rolling. With 3 minutes to play in the game, Tebow put the icing on the cake with his signature jump pass, putting Florida up for good, 24-14.

First NFL Playoff Win
In 2011, Tebow leads the Denver Broncos to their first playoff appearance in six seasons. Denver would take on a heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers team in the AFC wild card round. No one believed the Broncos had a chance to win this game, but Tebow proved his doubters wrong once again and defeated the Steelers in overtime in a game winning 80 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

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