Journalists Believe in the Chicago Cubs and You Should Too

You know your team is doing pretty well when the press keeps talking about how they’re going to take the World Series. Such is the case with the Cubs. But these aren’t just empty sweet nothings. The club has had an awe-inspiring season, which is totally deserving of praise.

Below are some of the glowing headlines that I’ve encountered over the past season, all of which express a belief in something great ahead for the Cubs. (I won’t say what.)

Cubs’ incredible Game 4 comeback gets even better with age

“…the Cubs did something in Game 4 of the National League Division Series, in that moment, that it has taken us a while to process. But now we know exactly what we saw.”

10/13/16 |

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Watching A Little Dog Get Big

Piper looking underneath a door - Tony Angiuli Florida

As those who have been following my blog may know, I never owned a dog until recently. My wife and I decided it was the time to get a dog and so now we have an almost-one-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in our home. Piper has taught me a lot about life and has made me think about what it means to be a Florida Beach dog. Something I’ve noticed recently is that Piper has grown up a lot over the past several months.

She used to be this big:

Tony Angiuli Holding Piper (a Cavalier) in his arms

Now she’s this big:

Piper gazing out the window - Tony Angiuli Florida

Admittedly, she’s still pretty tiny, but she’s growing…

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Twitter Loves Dogs

Being a dog-owner can make a person do things they wouldn’t normally do, like talk about their dogs all the time, show photos of their dogs to their friends all the time, and post dog-related miscellany on Twitter all of the time. I’m guilty of all of the above. Along those lines, I’m also guilty of writing blog posts about my dog and dogs in general. Exhibit A: This blog post. I used to write more about Florida in general and about paddle-boarding, but now all it seems that I write about is Piper. It brings me some deal of comfort to know that I’m not alone in my single-minded dog-mania.

For instance, consider Twitter. Not only are there a lot of posts of people expressing affection of their dogs…

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An Ode to Kerry Wood

If you were to catch a Cubs Game at Wrigley Field sometime in 1998 or sometime between 2000 and 2008 or sometime between 2010 and 2012, chances are that you had the opportunity to catch the amazing Kerry Wood doing what Kerry Wood doing what he does best: pitching. Nicknamed Kid K (a play on his first name and the letter used to statistically denote a strikeout), Kerry Wood was a force to be reckoned with. His renown as an adept pitcher would often cause crowds of fans to launch into boisterous chants of “Kerry, Kerry, Kerry”. In some games, you could even see fans expectantly counting Kerry’s strikeouts with big “K” cards…

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If you’ve been following me on the web, you know that my wife and I recently got a dog and that this is my first dog ever. Piper is a little King Charles Spaniel. She’s amazing. We love her. She has taught us all sorts of things and we can’t wait for her to teach us more. Along those lines, there are several things I can’t wait to teach Piper.


Specifically, we live on the beach and there are some things that every beach dog should be able to do.

**Please do not actually pressure your dog to do all of these things**

1. Skateboard

While not necessarily essential for hanging at the beach, being able to skateboard is critical for getting to the beach. I never was particularly good at skateboarding. But I think Piper would would be able to really tear up some asphalt…

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Piper is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or just Cavalier for short. She’s about 18 weeks old now.

My wife and I both really excited to have a new animal friend in the house. But here’s the thing: I’ve never lived with a dog…ever. Growing up, my family’s house was a pet-free one. Allergies and mess being one of the main reasons why. So while I’m excited to have a dog in the house, this is a completely alien experience for me. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve encountered a couple of things I never thought would happen.

1. Puppies like eating shoes

I had always heard stories of dogs eating shoes, but I didn’t believe them. Why would anything want to eat a shoe?!? It’s not like the ground is made out of sugar or dog-bones or whatever a living thing might find tasty to eat…

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