If you’ve been following me on the web, you know that my wife and I recently got a dog and that this is my first dog ever. Piper is a little King Charles Spaniel. She’s amazing. We love her. She has taught us all sorts of things and we can’t wait for her to teach us more. Along those lines, there are several things I can’t wait to teach Piper.


Specifically, we live on the beach and there are some things that every beach dog should be able to do.

**Please do not actually pressure your dog to do all of these things**

1. Skateboard

While not necessarily essential for hanging at the beach, being able to skateboard is critical for getting to the beach. I never was particularly good at skateboarding. But I think Piper would would be able to really tear up some asphalt…

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Two of the Greatest Chicago Cubs Players of All Time

The Chicago Cub have always been at team of both talented and likable players. That’s not to say that we haven’t had our fair-share of curmudgeons and flops, but by-in-large, each generation of players has yielded an impressive array of Cubbies. Amongst all of those golden players, a couple standout as going above in beyond both in performance and character.


Adrian Anson (1876-1897)

Adrian Anson is a Cubs legend. He played with the Cubs before they even became the Cubs

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