Paddle boarding is a sport that I recently fell in love with. In my previous blogs, I did my best to explain some tips to stand up on the board and why I chose the board I did. In this blog post, I will explain why paddle boarding is one of the best exercises for your body. Since it’s a fun activity, a lot of people of all shapes and sizes love to participate in this sport. I mean come on, it’s so much more fun to be outside in the water, looking at the beautiful outdoor space that surrounds you then be in the gym staring at a television! Besides the benefit of beautiful views, stand up paddle boarding is a complete body workout. As a low impact exercise you won’t put any strain on your knees or ankles, while increasing balance, endurance and strength.

Of course the number of calories you burn depends on the amount of energy you put into it. You will burn more calories if you push yourself for an hour rather than a nice, relaxing paddle. SUP Fitness have broken down the level of paddle boarding into five categories, but I’ll be listing three below. Enjoy!

Surf Paddleboarding

Recreational Paddling – This is the most common type of paddle boarding people partake in. It’s an easy paddle as the weather is often beautiful. With light winds and calm waters, it’s similar to a slow walking pace but you will burn twice the calories. For paddling close to an hour, most adults will burn three hundred and five to four hundred and thirty calories.

Racing – Racing is the most intense out of the five categories. There is no slowing down in the hour and your cardiovascular system and heart rate are at maximum speed. Depending on how quick you paddle, the conditions of the water and the wind speed, the amount of calories burned can range. After following the Dana Ocean Challenge, a five mile paddle boarding race, doctors discovered that the majority of racers burn between seven hundred and thirteen to one thousand one hundred and twenty five calories. Often people get a bonus work out as they do their best to stabilize the board in choppy waters.

Surfing –  Many surfers pick up this type of paddle boarding because it helps to cross train and improve their board surfing skills. As waves get bigger and more powerful, the harder your body works which directly correlates into more calories burnt. They discovered that you can burn six hundred and twenty three to seven hundred and thirty five calories in the hour.

With so many different options for types of paddle boarding there, it’s not wonder this sport has really taken off in the past couple years. I hope this has helped to open


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